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Beechworth CFA (Victoria)

Courtesy of the brigade: Beechworth Fire Brigade was formed on the 20th October 1867 after a meeting at the Star Hotel in Ford Street Beechworth.

The original brigade consisted of 10 paid members and 16 volunteers. Ten years later (in 1877) through lack of funds the Brigade disbanded. In 1886 because there were so many fires in the Beechworth area the insurance companies approached the council and offered to contribute towards the cost of equipment and running of a brigade. It was formed and called the Volunteer fire Brigade Board.

In the Summer of 1939 the state was covered with fires resulting in the state government in 1944 passing an act to form the Country Fire Authority, this was done in 1946.

Beechworth CFA Fire Station (1892)
The Camp St station was built in 1892 and was in use until 2013 when they moved to Victoria Road

Our original station in Camp Street was built in 1892 was still being used up to November in 2013. Today we are now in a state of the art facility in Victoria Road which will service the growing town of Beechworth for the next 100 years.

The Victoria Road station reaplced the original Camp St station built in 1892, from November 2013
The Victoria Road station reaplced the original Camp St station built in 1892, from November 2013

Beechworth Fire Brigade is in the North East of Victoria and part of District 24 which operates out of Wodonga around 40km from Beechworth. We have four vehicles to service the town which consist of 2 4WD Tankers an urban pumper and a Fire Equipment Service van. We also house the Indigo Field Command Vehicle at our station.
Our volunteer members are trained in and attend both urban and rural incidents and fires all year round.

Appliances CFA Victoria SEM (Skilled) Victoria

CFA – Melton Tanker (2005 Mack Prototype)

Service – CFA (Victoria)
Appliance Type – Tanker
Cab Chassis – Mack
Body Builder – SEM
Built – October 2005
Registration – MBR374

This tanker was constructed as a prototype, with another prototype on MAN cab chassis at the same time. It spent some time touring differenet areas for demonstration, before eventually being allocated to Melton Fire Brigade.

Firefighting features include a 4000 Litre tank, protection spray systems, plumbed monitor rises in crew deck area. The most unique feature is perhaps the rear crew door which gives direct access between the rear of the cab and crew deck area.

More photos available in this gallery:CFA Melton Brigade

CFA Melton Tanker. December 2008

CFA Melton Tanker. December 2008

Appliances CFA Victoria Scania SEM (Skilled) Victoria

CFA – Melton Heavy Rescue (2008 Scania)

Service – CFA (Victoria)
Appliance Type – Rescue
Cab Chassis – Scania P310
Body Builder – SEM
Registration – MCD662

This appliance was commissioned late in December 2008 at Melton Fire Brigade, replacing an Isuzu Rescue appliance which was due to be reallocated to Monbulk Fire Brigade. It was built by SEM Fire & Rescue

More photos including 360 degree view and locker shots available in this gallery:CFA Melton Brigade

CFA Melton Rescue. December 2008

CFA Melton Rescue. December 2008

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