Welcome to Fire Australia. This site has been created as a repository for information on Australian fire services to record our history.

It’s become apparent to me over recent years that there is a lot of information floating around the internet of historical significance, either now or in the future. The key issue with this is that is tends to be shared in pockets and then slowly disappear in the background noise. The aim of this site is to gather this information into stories and present it for others to see and contribute to.

Through involvement with various emergency services and other groups, I’ve formed a network with a vast amount of historical information including photos and stories. Initially the site will be using these resources to publish information mainly on vehicles and buildings. At a later date, we will call for submissions of further content.

If you have information or questions please go ahead and comment on the stories or use the contact area of the site.

To stay up to date with site content, please utilise the RSS feeds, like us on Facebook or subscribe to email updates.


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