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Appliances Bulk Tanker Heavy Tanker Isuzu New South Wales NSW Rural Fire Service Tanker Varley

NSW RFS – Valley Heights 6 – 2013 Varley build Isuzu

Service: NSW Rural Fire Service
Appliance type: Tanker (Cat 6)
Fleet Number:
Cab Chassis: Isuzu FVZ 1400
Body Builder: Varley
Build Date: 2013
Registration: NA
Brigade: Valley Heights
District: Blue Mountains
Region: East

This current standardised version of the Category 6 tanker has been rolled out across the state since the prototype spent time in field over 2012/13. The Cat 6 tanker features a pump essentially the same as a Category 1 tanker, with the addition of a bumber mounted monitor controlled remotely from inside the cab. A water tank of 9000L capacity is roughly double that of a Cat 1 and close to the 11,000L bulk water tankers.
The features allow for great flexibility and efficiency with a small crew.

More photos of Valley Heights Brigade

NSW RFS Valley Heights Cat 6 Tanker

NSW RFS Valley Heights Cat 6 Tanker

Alexander Perrie Appliances Isuzu New South Wales NSW Rural Fire Service Tanker

NSW RFS – Bullawa Eulah 7 (2011)

Service: NSW Rural Fire Service
Appliance type: Tanker (Cat 7)
Fleet Number:
Cab Chassis: Isuzu
Body Builder: Alexander Perrie
Build Date: July 2011
Registration: NA

Brigade: Bullawa-Eulah
District: Narrabri RFD, Namoi/Gwydir Zone
Region: North

NSW RFS Bullawa Eulah 7

Appliances Fire & Rescue NSW Isuzu Mills Tui New South Wales Tanker

Fire & Rescue NSW – ME711 – Isuzu Tanker by Mills Tui

Service – NSW Fire & Rescue
Appliance type – Tanker
Fleet number – ME711
Cab Chassis – Isuzu
Body Builder – Mills Tui
Registration – BE21HU

Built by Mills Tui in June 2010, this tanker has served at 399 Narrabri since commissioning

FRNSW Media Release

New $400,000 fire engine for Narrabri

Published: 10th September 2010

The fire and emergency protection of residents and businesses in Narrabri has been boosted with the delivery of a new $400,000 fire engine to local firefighters, Barwon MLC”, Christine Robertson, said today.

“The Keneally Government is continuing to provide our firefighters with modern and safe vehicles for their vital work to protect NSW families,” Ms Robertson said.

“This new vehicle, which was delivered to Narrabri Fire Station this month, is part of the largest roll-out of new and upgraded fire engines in the NSW Fire Brigades’ history.

“The Narrabri firefighters do an extraordinary job in protecting their community and this new fire tanker will help them perform even more effectively.”

“This multi-purpose vehicle’s features include four-wheel drive for fires in difficult terrain and a water protection system operated from the cabin to help ensure the safety of the crew.”

Minister for Emergency Services, Steve Whan, said the specialist vehicle had been designed and built for responding to a range of emergencies including building, bush and grass fires, road accidents and chemical spills.

“These new tankers can be configured as a standard tanker or a hazardous materials or rescue unit to improve our firefighters’ capacity to respond to all types of emergencies,” Mr Whan said.

“The Government’s record $972 million 2010/11 emergency services budget included $637 million for the NSWFB, providing $18 million to continue updating its fleet with more than 35 new fire engines and specialised vehicles.

“It can pump 1900 litres of water a minute from its tank, which carries up to 2700 litres of water and can also operate from hydrants. It is also equipped with special fire fighting foam and meets strict emission standards.”

NSWFB Commissioner Greg Mullins said the new vehicle would enhance the response capability of firefighters in the Narrabri district.

“The 19 firefighters stationed at Narrabri Fire Station responded to 139 emergency calls in 2009/10 and were also actively involved in educating the community about fire safety throughout the year.

“Fleet upgrades such as this ensure that our firefighters have the best equipment and the latest technology to ensure the safety and protection of local communities,” Commissioner Mullins said.

Full Gallery

FRNSW T399 Narrabri (ME711)

FRNSW T399 Narrabri (ME711)

Appliances Fire & Rescue NSW Isuzu Medium Pumper New South Wales Pumper SEM (Skilled)

Fire & Rescue NSW – ME487 – Isuzu Pumper by Skilled (SEM)

Service – NSW Fire & Rescue
Appliance type – Rescue Pumper
Fleet number – ME487
Cab Chassis – Isuzu
Body Builder – Skilled (SEM)
Registration – BC37RL

Served at 399 Narrabri

Built by Skilled Engineering (now SEM Fire & Rescue) in July 2002

Full Gallery

FRNSW P399 Narrabri (ME487)

FRNSW P399 Narrabri (ME487)

Appliances Chevrolet Specialist Support

Fire & Rescue NSW – ME009 – Chevrolet USAR Recon

Service – NSW Fire & Rescue
Appliance Type – USAR Reconnaisance Vehicle
Fleet number – ME 009
Cab Chassis – Chevrolet Silverado
Body Builder –
Registration – FBY009

Callsign “USAR 4”, this vehicle is a reconnaisance and transport vehicle for USAR taskings. The main USAR appliance in the Sydney area is a semi-trailer “USAR 1”, so this vehicle gives a more nimble capability for either forward reconnaisance or transport of equipment.

Full Gallery

WA Fire & Rescue – HSR45 – Isuzu HSR

Service – Fire & Rescue Service of WA
Appliance type – HSR (Hazmat,Structural , Rescue)
Fleet number – HSR45
Cab Chassis – Isuzu FTS800
Body Builder – Frontline Fire Rescue
Registration – 1QBV-380

Hazmat, Structural, Rescue (HSR) appliance built by Frontline Fire Rescue in 2014 for DFES. Placed into service at Mundaring Fire & Rescue


Mundaring FRS HSR Appliance

Mundaring FRS HSR Appliance

Alexander Perrie Appliances Isuzu New South Wales NSW Rural Fire Service Tanker

NSW RFS – Carrington Falls 1 (2010)

Service: NSW Rural Fire Service
Appliance type: Tanker (Cat 1)
Fleet Number:
Cab Chassis: Isuzu
Body Builder:Alexander Perrie
Build Date: 2010
Registration: NA

Brigade: Carrington Falls
District: Illawarra Zone
Region: East

This Category 1 Tanker was built by Alexander Perrie in Sydney during 2010 for Carrington Falls Brigade in the Illawarra Zone.

It’s built on an Isuzu FTS 800 Dual Cab to NSW Rural Fire Service Specifications

NSW Rural Fire Service - Carrington Fall Cat 1 Tanker. Built by Alexander Perrie in 2010

WA Fire & Rescue – LT326 – Toyota Landcruiser – Light Tanker

Service – Fire & Rescue Service of WA
Appliance type – Light Tanker
Fleet number – LT326
Cab Chassis – Toyota
Body Builder – Technifire 2000
Registration – 1QAH189

LT376 was built by Technifire 2000 on a Toyota Landcruiser cab chassis. It served initially at Bassendean Fire Station


WA Fire & Rescue – MP60 – Acco 2350 Medium Pumper

Service – Fire & Rescue Service of WA
Appliance type – Medium Pumper
Fleet number – MP60
Cab Chassis – International ACCO 2350
Body Builder – South West Fire Units
Registration – 1ALI099

This pumper was part of a build of 6 on ACCO 2350 cab chassis. Most were originally setup as a standard Medium Pumper and later modified to become a Medium Pumper Heavy Rescue for use at major regional stations. The addition of a bullbar and updated signage are key visual signs of the rebuild. This appliance appears to have the midlife rebuild complete without the upgrade to Heavy Rescue

By 2015, this appliance had been replaced at Karratha by a Scania

Photographed in 2013, thanks Matt
Dept Fire & Emergency Services - Karratha

WA Fire & Rescue – UP05HR – Scania Urban Pumper Heavy Rescue

Service – Fire & Rescue Service of WA
Appliance type – Urban Pumper
Fleet number – UP05
Cab Chassis – Scania P310
Body Builder –
Registration – 1QBP374

This Urban Pumper replaced an Acco 2350 based Medium Pumper at Bunbury station.

DFES states: “UP Series appliance design is a continuous improvement upgrade to the Heavy Pump appliance series first commissioned in 2008.
The UP series development process incorporates the commissioning by Fleet and Equipment Services of FESA generated drawings and specifications, proto type manufacture under direction, and full scale manufacturing. This process was adapted in recognition of the variations experienced across the preceding MP and HP series where the contracted manufacturer directed the appliance build process. The process provides for standardisation across the series irrespective of manufacturers (provided capability has been demonstrated) and has resulted in reduced delivery timelines.”

FRSWA UP05HR Photo Gallery

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