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Appliances Chevrolet Specialist Support

Fire & Rescue NSW – ME009 – Chevrolet USAR Recon

Service – NSW Fire & Rescue
Appliance Type – USAR Reconnaisance Vehicle
Fleet number – ME 009
Cab Chassis – Chevrolet Silverado
Body Builder –
Registration – FBY009

Callsign “USAR 4”, this vehicle is a reconnaisance and transport vehicle for USAR taskings. The main USAR appliance in the Sydney area is a semi-trailer “USAR 1”, so this vehicle gives a more nimble capability for either forward reconnaisance or transport of equipment.

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ACCO Appliances Fire & Rescue NSW New South Wales Specialist Support

Fire & Rescue NSW – ME377 – ACCO – USAR/ POD Transporter

Service  -NSW Fire & Rescue
Appliance Type – Transporter (USAR)
Fleet number – ME 377
Cab Chassis – International ACCO 2350G
Body Builder –
Registration – FBY377

Served at Newcastle as USAR vehicle

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