Country Fire Authority (Victoria)


The origins of the CFA date back to the 1850s with the formation of the first Volunteer Fire Brigades. In the 1890s, The Metropolitan Fire Brigades Board (MFBB) and the Country Fire Brigades Board (CFBB) were created with by the Fire Brigade Act. The CFBB has power and responsibility of all fire brigades based more than 16km from Melbourne. In 1945, the CFA was formed following recommendations from the Black Friday fires.

As the service, and the communities it serves grew around it, CFA for a period had an increasing staff of paid firefighters in outer suburbs and regional centres. In 2020 with the implementation of the Fire Services Reform and formation of Fire Rescue Victoria, CFA returned to being a Volunteer based emergency service organisation.

Now, CFA is made up of over 1,200 Volunteer Fire Brigades, who operate over 2,000 Appliances (vehicles). The membership of brigades is 100% volunteer, with around 50,000 members. Staff support from an administrative and command support, with around 800 full time employees.

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Horsham CFA Fire Station, D17

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* Note that some vehicles may appear here which are now part of FRV but undertook some service time in CFA

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