CFA – Melton Tanker (2005 Mack Prototype)

Service – CFA (Victoria)
Appliance Type – Tanker
Cab Chassis – Mack
Body Builder – SEM
Built – October 2005
Registration – MBR374

This tanker was constructed as a prototype, with another prototype on MAN cab chassis at the same time. It spent some time touring differenet areas for demonstration, before eventually being allocated to Melton Fire Brigade.

Firefighting features include a 4000 Litre tank, protection spray systems, plumbed monitor rises in crew deck area. The most unique feature is perhaps the rear crew door which gives direct access between the rear of the cab and crew deck area.

More photos available in this gallery:CFA Melton Brigade

CFA Melton Tanker. December 2008

CFA Melton Tanker. December 2008

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