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Appliances Chevrolet Specialist Support

Fire & Rescue NSW – ME009 – Chevrolet USAR Recon

Service – NSW Fire & Rescue
Appliance Type – USAR Reconnaisance Vehicle
Fleet number – ME 009
Cab Chassis – Chevrolet Silverado
Body Builder –
Registration – FBY009

Callsign “USAR 4”, this vehicle is a reconnaisance and transport vehicle for USAR taskings. The main USAR appliance in the Sydney area is a semi-trailer “USAR 1”, so this vehicle gives a more nimble capability for either forward reconnaisance or transport of equipment.

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ACCO Appliances Fire & Rescue NSW New South Wales Specialist Support

Fire & Rescue NSW – ME377 – ACCO – USAR/ POD Transporter

Service  -NSW Fire & Rescue
Appliance Type – Transporter (USAR)
Fleet number – ME 377
Cab Chassis – International ACCO 2350G
Body Builder –
Registration – FBY377

Served at Newcastle as USAR vehicle

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Appliances Fire & Rescue NSW Isuzu Mills Tui New South Wales Specialist

Fire & Rescue NSW – ME201 -CO2 Tender (2013)

Service  -NSW Fire & Rescue
Appliance Type – CO2 Tender (Specialised Appliance)
Fleet number – ME 201
Cab Chassis – Isuzu
Body Builder – Mills Tui
Registration – BR76ZA

This Isuzu replaced a previous Isuzu model at Pyrmont Fire Station in 2013.

The CO2 tender is used to combat fires where water or other extinguishing agents are unsuitable. Key examples of these are electrical fires and shipboard fires. In these situations, CO2 extinguishers are often used, but this tender can supply a large quantity of CO2 via a hoseline similar to a ‘first-aid’ reel located on most fire appliances. In some situations, such as underground electrical substations, connections on buildings or access panels on the street exist where CO2 can be pumped through fixed piping similar to a booster system.

New CO2 Tender for 38 Pyrmont StationPhoto March 2013

New CO2 Tender for 38 Pyrmont StationPhoto March 2013