Bush Fire Service WA – Kalamunda Brigade

Bush Fire Service WA
Kalamunda Brigade
Kalamunda Shire

Kalamunda BFB is the only BFS Brigade in the Kalamunda Shire and the station is located in the Walliston industrial area. The brigade has centralised over many years as much of the Shire has been urbanised with decreased bushland and FRS resources increased. The Walliston station is the first formal fire station for the brigade, with previous operations running from a shed at the rear of the Police Station and Bus depot in the Kalamunda town centre. Prior to that shed, operations were spread across informal ‘homes’ for the brigade’s equipment. An extensive history can be found on the brigade’s website (link below).

The brigade’s fleet has developed strongly over the years. A core part of the fleet has always been a number of Light Tankers (or Fast Attacks as they were also known). The brigade still runs a number of Light Tankers, but has increasingly moved towards larger tankers with greater water capacity and equipment stowage. The brigade these days has a 3.4 tanker, 2.4 tanker, and 1.4 tanker along with a number of Light Tankers. Some years ago the Brigade also commissioned an Incident Control Vehicle, based on a Toyota Coaster bus, which has increased the Command & Control capabilities in the shire.


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Kalamunda BFB 3.4R TankerPhoto December 2007

Kalamunda BFB Light Tanker 5Photo December 2007

Kalamunda BFB Light Tanker 6Photo December 2007

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