Fire & Rescue NSW


Fire & Rescue NSW as it is known since renaming from New South Wales Fire Brigades, was formed in 1910. It is the primary urban fire service protecting NSW and is responsible for protecting all cities and major towns in NSW.

FRNSW is the combat agency for fires and rescues within defined areas, and HAZMAT response throughout the state. They also provide assistance as required to other emergency management agencies locally and abroad.

FRNSW operates 338 Fire Stations and 637 firefighting vehicles across the state, with more than 6,900 firefighters who are a mixed of full-time and retained (part-time) members.

(information courtesy of Fire & Rescue NSW website )

A chocolate factory in Marrickville, Sydney's Inner West , was destroyed by fire on New Years Day 2009. It was the second time the factory had burnt down.

FRSNSW Stations

FRNSW Vehicles

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