Firebird 200 – VH-NFO. NSW Rural Fire Service

Firebird 200. NSW Rural Fire Service (VH-NFO) AS350B

Aircraft: Aerospatiale AS-350B
First Registered: 1985
Owner/Operator: NSW Rural Fire Service owned, operated by contract

VH-NFO was formerly owned by NSW Forests, before being purchased by the NSW Rural Fire Service. It’s the only rotary aircraft owned by the service, who typically rely on contracted aircraft. While NSWRFS own the aircraft, it is operated and maintained by a contractor.

This helicopter is painted in a similar scheme to the familiar firetrucks, with a red body, white upper portions and white stripes across the red body.

The helicopter is often used in an aerial observation role but can also take on other roles such as bombing with a bambi bucket attached.

NSW Rural Fire Service owned helicopter 'Firebird 200'

NSW Rural Fire Service owned helicopter 'Firebird 200'


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