Helitack 670 – VH-WCQ. Helicopters Australia (CHC)

Helitack 670. Helicopters Australia (CHC) VH-WCQ.

Helitack 670 is operated by Helicopters Australian which is part of HNZ Global, a subsidiary of CHC Helicopters.

Helicopters Australia run this set of Helitacks in both Qld and WA, with the Qld fire season running earlier. The Helicopters run with the same callsigns in both states, and have a few decals changed between Qld Fire & Rescue for Qld operations, and Dept Fire & Emergency Services and Fire & Rescue WA for their season.

In WA, they run from Helicopters Australia’s Perth Airport facility.

The image below captures bombing operations at a fire in the Zig Zag Regional Park, overlooking Perth Airport and the city.

Firefighting Helicopters Gallery

A small Scrub Fire broke out in difficult terrain on the afternoon of 23 December, prompting a 2nd Alarm Scrub Fire Response. Appliances from Kalamunda FRS, Kalamunda BFS, Welshpool FRS worked with 2 Helitacs to Control and extinguish the Fire.

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