FRV – Car 171 – Scania Ladder Platform (Bronto 27m)

Service – MFB Melbourne
Appliance Type – Ladder Platform
Fleet Number – Car 171
Cab Chassis – Scania 94G 300
Body Builder – Skilled/SEM
Registration – MAR032
Commissioned – 2002

Car 171 has served most of its life at 35 Windsor. It is commonly referred to as a ‘Baby Bronto’ due to it’s smaller size compared to other Ladder Platforms – it is based on a Scania Cab Chassis with only a single rear axle and a 27M Bronto Skylift F27RLH boom.

This vehicle was seen in 2013 at Alexander Perrie in Sydney, where it’s believed to have undergone the usual midlife service and inspection for the aerial components.

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