NSW RFS – Scotland Island Brigade (Northern Beaches)

NSW Rural Fire Service
Scotland Island Brigade
Warringah – Pittwater District
Region East
Established: 1955

Scotland Island is located in Pittwater, just off Church Point in Sydney’s Northern Beaches area. The island is about 1km across, and can only be accessed by boat, either a ferry from Church Point or on private vessels. The island is a mixture of residential and bushland areas.

Due to this isolated nature, the Brigade fulfils more than just a typical Rural Fire Brigade role. In conjuntion with NSW Ambulance Service, the brigade provide a Community First Responder service for medical emergencies. Members are trained to a higher level than the typical first aid training and provide initial medical response, either transporting patients to awaiting road Ambulance or until Paramedics can attend the scene.

The brigade are equipped with a mix of equipment in addition to a standard fire tanker. The brigade run a Category 7 (medium) tanker, Category 9 (light) appliance, Personnel carrier and a boat. They also have a large cache of portable pumps, extra hoses and other handy equipment to fight fires around the island.

Being one of the few brigades equipped with a boat and ancillary equipment in the area, they are often called upon to assist with fires on and around the entire Pittwater and surrounding waterways.

Scotland Island brigade was formed in 1955 by local residents, with their current Fire Station built in 1991.

Website: http://www.sirfb.org.au/

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NSWRFS Scotland Island Fire StationPhoto August 2013

NSWRFS Scotland Island Fire StationPhoto August 2013

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