Helitack 217. Skywork Helicopters (ZK-HEE) – Kaman K1200

Helitack 217. Skywork K-Max (ZK-HEE).

Aircraft: Kaman K1200 K-Max
Manufactured: USA, 2001
Owner/Operator: Skywork Helicopters

The K-Max is quite a unique looking helicopter. It has 2 seperated sets of rotors, and no tail rotor. Along with a narrow bulging cockit many think it looks a little like a bug or an experiment.

Helitack 217 is a K-Max 1200 owned by Skywork Helicopters based in New Zealand. In mid-2013 the registration was updated to show the operator as an Australian office for Skywork and a new registration of VH-IUU was assigned.

On the ground at Illawarra Air Show in May 2013 it was still showing the New Zealand registration.
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Helitack 217, Operated by Skywork (NZ) for NSW Rural Fire Service

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