Helitack 336. Jayrow Helicopters (VH-JJK) Bell 212

Helitack 336. Jayrow Helicopters (VH-JJK) Bell 212

Aircraft: Bell 212
Manufactured: USA, 1988
First Registered: August 2008
Owner/Operator: Jayrow Helicopters

Heltack 336 is a Bell 212 operated by Jayrow Helicopters who are based in Victoria.
It is fitted with a Belly Tank and snorkel for water bombing operations.

The airframe was built in 1988 and is reported to have operated in the Thai Army, and private operations in Canada, before coming to Australia, being operated by Helicorp Australia and now Jayrow Helicopters.

The below photo was taken at Bankstown airport in Sydney, late in 2014. (click on link for larger view)

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